About the directorate


Our Strategic Communications Directorate is responsible for devising and executing communications strategies and activities that drive forward our 'changing minds' agenda. This means increasing public understanding and empathy, and inspiring action.

There are three departments in the directorate. Brand is responsible for developing and implementing clear and compelling brand strategies that build and enhance our awareness and reputation. Our Brand department focuses on defining our unique value proposition, identifying opportunities and partnerships that work to change minds and embedding frameworks to ensure we are creating a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.

Our Activations and Audience Mobilisation department is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing an array of activations, campaigns and events to engage target audiences and help build consensus and action towards our vision. The department utilises the insight and direction from the wider directorate and organisation to deliver high profile, proactive changing minds activities and interventions to build traction, provoke conversations and change behaviours.

Our Audience Insight & Journeys department, which is led by this role, is the home of Trussell’s audience research. It constantly monitors the attitudes, behaviours and profiles of our key audiences to track progress. The team acquires a nuanced understanding of how audiences interact with us in order to identify ways to improve experience, increase engagement and optimise fundraising, communications and 'changing minds' activities.