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welcome from helen barnard

We should all be free from hunger. We should all have enough money for the essentials. But right now in the UK more and more people don’t have enough money to live on and have no option but to use a food bank. This isn’t right. The Trussell Trust supports a network of food banks and together we provide practical emergency support to people who can’t afford the things we all need in life and campaign for the changes that will ensure no one is left in that position. Because it’s not right that anyone needs a food bank in the first place.

We can achieve this by ensuring everyone has enough income to cover the essentials and gets the right support at the right time to recover from setbacks and avoid crisis. That’s why we also work with communities across the UK to change the things that are leaving people without enough money for the essentials. Together, we’re thousands and thousands of people, working to right this wrong. Together, we can build a future where none of us need a food bank, because none of us will allow it.

The Trussell Trust holds a special position in the ecology of social changemakers in the UK, because we both directly support those experiencing poverty, and work to influence policy that aims to eliminate it. We are a node of connection between the as-is and the should-be, and this role makes a pivotal contribution to the journey we’re on from one state to the other. You’ll be leading our impact and evaluation work, creating new understanding and robust evidence of what works, helping every part of the organisation understand its impact and providing insight to inform our own strategic and investment decisions and our work to influence policy-makers and other key players, helping us drive action across society. Your contribution will rapidly, directly and visibly create impact.

I’m proud to be part of a profoundly values-based organisation, and I look forward to meeting candidates who want to bring their professional skillset to a place where they can make an incalculable difference. We’ve probably experienced a decade’s worth of evolution over the last three years, and we expect this accelerated pace to continue; but our precious human-centred, appreciative approach will always underpin our mission. If this sounds like the place for you, I look forward to meeting you.

Helen Barnard
Director of Policy, Research and Impact, Trussell Trust