Director of Corporate Services


Based Salisbury • to £70k

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for enabling the delivery of our strategic plan, by providing outstanding support and driving transformation across the wider organisation.

You’ll provide strategic leadership to our Finance, Facilities, ICT and Social Enterprise functions, adding value and improving the effectiveness of the whole organisation. You’ll sit on the Senior Leadership Group and the Finance, Audit and Risk Subcommittee, as well as chairing the recently-formed Data and Systems Programme Board, and ensuring that a range of complex cross-organisational projects are achieved successfully.

It might be helpful to draw a picture of what our desired outcomes for the role are, so here goes:

  • Increased organisational collaboration, expertise, transparency and impact;
  • Increased alignment and effectiveness, underpinned by high-quality processes, including an organisation-wide project management framework;
  • Strong ownership of our strategic plan by your team, and the confidence to promote it with colleagues;
  • Making sure everyone working or volunteering for the Trussell Trust is supported by high-performing corporate services, and can meet or exceed their objectives.

We understand that candidates may be slightly more experienced in either finance or IT, but a) we don’t have a strong preference which, and b) we don’t really want the discrepancy between the two areas to be visible to the naked eye. The key ability we’re looking for is taking a truly stereoscopic view of how these systems and processes integrate, to provide the strongest foundation for everything we do. And while your attention to detail and analysis must be an exemplar for the team, your greatest value will be in your proven ability to understand – and communicate – how corporate services enable the overall mission of the Trust.

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