The Roles


Working with us

Each role has its own specific requirements, but it may help to have some pointers to the overall profile of someone who will thrive at the Trussell Trust.

We're all passionate about social change, and about reducing the damage that poverty can do to lives. Everything we do is driven by the values of compassion, dignity, justice and community. We are clear that the answer to poverty is not food, it’s about getting money into the pockets of people who need it most. We will not stop until everyone can afford the essentials in life. We believe absolutely in subsidiarity and the transfer of power and agency to people who may typically have none. We operate in a fast-paced environment but with an agile approach – always led by data and insight. Entrepreneurial and creative, we are less linear and systems-focused than some charities, but our focus on working through relationships will be familiar to many in the sector. Finally, attributes such as self-awareness, confidence, resilience and tenacity will all stand candidates in good stead.

Current roles are listed below: