This year has been a busy one for us. Sadly, food banks in our network have seen the highest ever need for their services.

While we’ve seen a steady increase in need for food banks over the past decade, the storm caused by the coronavirus pandemic has swept more people into destitution, with the number of families needing to use a food bank doubling in April, compared to the previous year. But despite these challenging times, we’ve seen an outpouring of support from volunteers, businesses, funders and individuals generously donating their time, money or food.

Our new strategic plan therefore has three key themes:

• Changing communities

• Changing policy

• Changing minds

While supporting food distribution will continue to be a core part of our work, we are first and foremost an anti-poverty charity. Major additional services will be rolled out in food banks over the next year to help Change Communities, including money advice and debt management, and we will forge new relationships with agencies and organisations who can help people in crisis address their financial situation well before they reach the point of needing to access a food bank. But just as important will be our planned investment in research, advocacy and campaigning to Change Minds and Change Policy.

This role will be at the heart of this vital work, and we are incredibly excited that they will help us reach our vision quicker, providing thousands of people with the dignity of buying their own food.

I really look forward to receiving your application.

Very best wishes,

Emma Revie
Chief Executive